Takeley Chapel Records of Baptism, Marriage and Burial

There are two main sources of records for Baptism, Marriage and Burial at Takeley Chapel.

The earliest is held by Essex Record Office and is a buff hardback book measuring about 10 in by 7in which was started by Rev Hanson in 1809. In addition to 465 baptism entries dating from 1809 to 1854 there are some 26 burials dating from 1830 to 1853. The first and last burial entries are for the two wives of Rev Hanson. The baptism and burial records have been transcribed into Microsoft Excel format and are available from the Takeley Local History Society website. There is also a list of chapel members but this has yet to be transcribed.

The other source of records is a large green hardback book measuring 15in by 10in. This book is currently held by Takeley Chapel authorities. This book contains baptism (1809-1994), marriage (1851-1999) and burial (1830-1996) records all of which have been transcribed into Microsoft Excel format and these are also available from the Takeley Local History Society website. The first 72 baptisms listed have been copied from the earlier buff book. The scribe then appears to have given up the copying task and there is a gap from 1819 until 1850. These missing entries are in the buff book. The first 30 entries in the burials section of the green book are more or less as in the buff book but do contain a couple of additional entries.


In addition this green book contains:

  • A Declaration of a Society of Protestant Dissenters worshiping at Brewers End Meeting, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex
  • Historical Statement as read at the Centenary November 9 1908
  • Meeting Minutes from 1850 – 1919
  • Notes by Pastor Kraay from 1966 – 1989
  • Collections from 1850 – 1897
  • Roll of Church Members from 1857 – 1999

The transcribed Baptism Marriage and Burial Records for Takeley Chapel can be downloaded from the following page

Takeley Chapel Records Download Page

The Memorial Inscriptions can be downloaded form the Takeley Chapel Memorial Inscriptions page.


For a History of Takeley Chapel, M. Emlyn Humphries, Head of Takeley Christian School has created a very informative site.




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