Research from Home

This page has been created as an initial guide for those starting out researching Takeley History online. Inevitably anyone starting off this way soon find that there are records on the subject that they are studying which can only be accessed by a visit to the local Records Office.

Researches into Takeley History can loosely be categorised into Genealogy and Local History where I would categorise Genealogy as the study of specific Takeley families and Local History as the study of events in Takeley history.


Genealogy is thought to be the most popular hobby of those using the internet and many sites exist to help people get stared. I will concentrate here on the actual sources of data.

Before 1837 records of Baptism Marriage and Burial in this country were recorded by Churches .

All Takeley Church Baptism, Marriage and Burial records are available on the church website at In addition memorials are available from this website from the Memorial Inscriptions page.

From 1837 Birth. Marriage and Death records have been recorded by local registrars. Copies of certificates can be obtained either from the original registrar or centrally from the General Register Office Certificates can be ordered online from the GRO once you have the correct GRO index reference (which is the volume and page number the entry is in). Local Registrars do not use the GRO index system and can sometimes provide a certificate based just on a phone call giving all relevant details. In every case there will be a charge for the certificate.

one good source for finding possible family members is FreeBMD. This allows you to search by name, area etc but is not complete and is being created by volunteers. is a large website with records from all over the world. Users subscribe for a number of months.

After Birth Marriage and Death records, census records are the next most obvious genealogical records to look at. Normally in the UK 1841, 51, 61, etc up to 1901 records are all available. Unfortunately for Takeley the 1851 census is missing. presumably destroyed during WW2. In recent years census records have been made available via the internet, but not always for free. is dedicated to the 1901 census and you can search for free but then have to pay to see the actual record.

Other Online Resources The mormon site and International Genealogical Index  Genealogy site with many links  National Archives including First War Medals Cards, etc. For Soldiers who died in the first war. Also the "Soldiers Died" CD contains additional information



Essex Records Office can be searched from the following site Records can be searched for and then ordered for reading at the Record Office.

Newspaper archives such as The Times can be accesses from the following link Select the Times Archive tab. Unfortunately this is no longer free and costs £15 a month.

The London Gazette is one of the oldest newspapers available to us online and contains announcements from the first war.

Other newspapers such as the Essex Chronical are held on microfische at the Essex Record Office.


The National Archives at Kew contains Genealogical and Military records including first war records cards.

Kelly's Directories are well known trade directories and there are others as well. These are now appearing in CD form and can be searched. Directories for Essex are known to be available for 1823. The following site has CDs of Directories and Census records for sale.




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