A Brief History Of Takeley School


School Railings
The first recorded head teacher was Miss Mary Ann Halls and she was head teacher in 1869. She resigned in 1871.

From 1871 to 1886 a total of 17 teachers were, at one time or another, appointed head teacher at the school.

Takeley School was a church school and most of the children had to pay one old penny to attend, although shopkeepers' children had to pay three old pennies. The school became free in 1891.

Mr Cooper-Smith




In 1886 Mr. Cooper-Smith and his wife took over as head teacher and deputy headmistress. From 1886 to the present day, there have only been five families that have held the Headship of Takeley School. This includes the current Head Teacher, Mrs A Line.




rear of school


Over the years the original school became too small, so as a result of the pressure on space in 1965 a new school was built on a new site.



temporary school

This was a temporary building because, as the school was -and still is- near to Stansted Airport, it was thought that a second runway may be built which could affect the school.



latest school


Eventually, in 1988, the temporary building was knocked down and a new, permanent, building was erected. This building is still in use today with an added portacabin-classroom.





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